From Eastern Burma, the Music of Karen Refugees

In Mae La refugee camp, Sein Tin Aye sits on a flattened bamboo floor, surrounded by about 15 kids and teenagers, eager to learn traditional Karen songs from the old man. A Student of Sein Tin Aye playing Thana Sein Tin Aye is keeping Karen music alive against the odds, enduring decades of exile from […]

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We’re a group of wandering sound recordists who dig the kind of music that doesn’t generally make it on those fancy “World Music” labels: Buskers, minstrels, local legends and backwoods traditionalists from places generally too far off the grid for most record labels to exploit.

We believe in helping these artists out, and we try to encourage the preservation of these unique musical traditions. We hope you enjoy a glimpse into these amazing corners of the musical world. Are you on the road with a microphone? Join us!

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